Friday, November 30, 2012

The Lazy 15! ... Guilty Pleasure

Today's Lazy 15! is  Guilty Pleasure...

My guilty pleasure is actually nail go fig...
I love looking at nail art online just for ideas I love seeing all the new designs and tips...

So I tried to paint bottles of nail polish on my nails..

The Lazy 15! ... Fairy Tale

So I'm just going to spam all the pictures I missed.

Lazy 15! Fairy Tale

I chose the three little pigs.

The Lazy 15! ... Fireworks

So a few days late on the lazy 15....
I choose fireworks...I tried to make a few different color splashes...

Foam Board Nail Polish Rack

I have a lot of nail polish, probably too much. As it was pointed out I could have worse obsessions.
I had bought a spinning rack for my nail polish a couple months ago, it was quickly filled.
I was kind of storing them in box just to get out of the way, but you cannot see them.
I started googling how to make a nail polish rack myself, as it seemed like the cheapest way.
I came across two goods ones, the popsicle stick rack and the foam board rack.
Well I glued some sticks together and they've been on my floor ever since, eh maybe some day...
So I went to the dollar store and bought some foam board...
I made the rack to the dimensions on their site and I found that I did not like it. I made my shelves 4" apart instead of 5" and I was able to add an extra shelf. The shelves 1.5" wide, 2" wide were too wide in my opinion. But I kept the 1" strips to keep the polish from falling off.
I tried really hard to cut everything straight but you can notice on the shelf strips..oh well...
My dollar store only had white foam board, so I decorated it myself.
I put black construction paper on the back of it and used some pretty paper on the shelf strips.

I think it turned out really well!

This is a link to my updated Foam Board rack Tutorial.
 Click Here

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Saturday Mani

Today I decided to use only Models Own nail polishes, in hopes I would get put on their Swatched section on their website.
I really like the dot Mani so I decided to try it with a bunch of different colors.
It didn't turn out as well as I had hoped but it looks nice when you don't look that close too it lol.

All Polish was Models Own
Thumb  - Feeling Blue & Coral Reef
Pointer  - Feeling Blue & Beth's Blue
Index    - Feeling Blue & Sophie's Pink
Ring      - Feeling Blue & Lime Green
Pinky    - Jade Stone & Lemon Meringue 

I really like Models Own polish, it smells a little different than regular nail polish and it is a great formula. Most colors only take one coat and it looks beautiful! It's a little on the expensive side and ships from the UK. So when they had their 50% facebook sale a couple months, I stocked up! Honestly I just went freakin crazy and my justification was, well when I am EVER going to order from Models Own again??
I'm perfectly happy with my haul from that event...

Friday, November 23, 2012

The Lazy 15! Underwater Creatures

Whew! Finally posting one on time! And for all of you that actually see this...I'm so proud of this I think it turned out really well! I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving and gets to enjoy the weekend. Lots of good Indie sales today and I'm happy to say I ordered a bunch so I can finally say I have Indie polish! I got some goods!

This is adorable!

Base Color - Models Own Feeling Blue
Manta Ray - China Glaze Elephant Walk
Octopus - Models Own Coral Reef
Fish - Essence Wake Up
Seaweed - Models Own Line Green

The Lazy 15! Disney Characters

This was my attempt at Walle and Eve...I love that movie!

Sorry it's so bad...and a few days late...
I also didn't realize the black run from the top coat until the picture...

Base Coat - Pure Ice Temptress
Yellow - NYC Taxi
Gray - China Glaze Elephant Walk
White - China Glaze White on White

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

The Lazy 15! Day 8 ... Desserts

Alright already up to day 8 in the lazy 15!....and a day late...
I really had a hard time thinking of something to do...
I'm not a very good artist and I wouldn't know how to make a piece of cake with nail polish lol...
soooo....bestest dessert ever?


I'm sure there are tons of ice cream nail designs out there, and better. Mine didn't turn out exactly how I want but close enough...

Mint Chocolate Chip
Birthday Cake

I'd still eat

Base color: Essence - Edward's love
Mint Chocolate Chip - Models Own Jade Stone with Black Striper
Birthday Cake - China Glaze It's A Trap-eze!
Vanilla - China Glaze White on White
Cone - China Glaze Kalahari Kiss

Please leave any comments I would love to read them!!


Friday, November 16, 2012

The Lazy 15! ... Feminine Nails

Today's Lazy 15! challenge is: Feminine Nails....

The only thing I could think of was using the color pink, and some glitter.

Base color - China Glaze Escaping Reality
Glitter - Color Club Snow-flakes

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

The Lazy 15! DAY 5 favorite color

So in keeping up with my blog, this post is a day late... Seems like a trend now! I did spam a lot of picture last night.
To pick one favorite color is undoable in my book and I picked my two favorites. Blue and purple!
I love these colors and the way they go together.
Base color - Zoya Mimi
Blue sponge - Orly Sweet Peacock

Monday, November 12, 2012

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Swatches Part 3!

Lastly I did the pink/reds.

From Left to Right: Bend Over Backwards, Igniting Love, Surreal Appeal, Escaping Reality

Bend Over Backwards
Red Shimmer - This is a really nice red shimmer, I would say is comparable to Ruby Pumps. It went on nice in one coat and it was so shimmery I went with no top coat.


Igniting Love
Red Creme - This was a red creme. It went on nice in one coat and it was super shiney without a top coat. My pictures don't do it justice, it's more red in real life.

Light box

Surreal Appeal
Coral Creme - This was a coral color creme. I didn't really care for this color, I'm not really a fan or the color coral and it just kind of blends in with my skin tone, not a good color for me.


Escaping Reality
Bright Pink Creme - I have to say, if you're looking for a nice hot pink color, this is it! I have been looking for a good hot pink and I'm glad I bought this one! I usually don't wear bright pink, or pink at all, but it's a good color for stamping and doing designs with. 


Please feel free to leave any questions/comments! I would love to hear from you!

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Swatches Part 2!

Next up I did the blue, purple, and the two greens. I would like to state, I have NEVER used a creme nail polish before these. After I got the hang of them they're great! One coat, no top coat and shiny !

From Left to Right: Hanging in the Balance, Creative Fantasy, Running in Circles, Def Defying
Hanging in the Balance
Blue Creme - I really liked this color. I'm a sucker for a good blue and here's a good one! It one needed one coat and no top coat.  I really tried to capture the blue essence of this color. Sorry the second photo kind of looks more turquoise than blue. It was beautiful anyways.

In the lightbox

Creative Fantasy
Purple Creme - This was the first color I swatched. It took two coats to look good. 

In the Lightbox

Running in Circles
Green Shimmer - This was a vibrant green shimmer! I love this color. It's so shimmery and a beautiful shade of green. It only took one coat and looks great!


Def Defying
Lime Green Creme - I was pleasantly surprised with this color. It's a creme but it was a little streaky so I went with two coats, with no top coat and it's still shiny! I didn't think I would like this color since it kinda of looks like pukey green. But its actually a lot more lime green!

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments! I would love to hear from you!

Next up Part 3 - Pink/Reds

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Swatches Part 1!

First up I did the glitters of the collection. For all of these swatches, I did one coat, two coats, over white and over black. No top coat.

From Left to Right: Get Carried Away, Whirled Away, It's A Trap-eze!, Water You Waiting For

Get Carried Away
Silver/Red Hex Glitter - I gotta say this is one I thought that I would not like but I did end up liking it, which kinda surprised me. To me it looks kinda messy, not that I'm a good nail painter in the slightest. I liked it the best over black. It just looks "cleaner".

In the Lightbox

Whirled Away
White/Black Hex Glitter with Black Bars - I'm gonna be honest. I did not like this one. At all. I kept fishing for some glitter and the hexes were hard to find. I even rolled the bottle before I put it on. LOL and yes I did try to paint it over black, which happened to have NO white hexes.

In the Lightbox

It's A Trap-eze!
White with Rainbow Glitter - I nicknamed this one, Milkshake Vomit. I also wasn't the biggest fan of this one. I don't mind it over white, don't put it over black LOL. 

In the LightBox

Water You Waiting For
Blue Glitter - This IS a pretty color. I have seen other swatches on facebook and they managed to make it look good. I did not like the formula of this at all. As the name says, Water, that's kind of what it felt like painting with. I liked it over black because it was more subtle. I don't think it looked good over white. So I would say 3 coats or over black.

In the Lightbox

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments! I would love to hear from you!

Next up Part 2 Blue/Purple/Greens

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away Swatches!

I got my whole collection delivered to my front door today! So I've been rushing to get all my swatches done so I could be one of the first to swatch the ENTIRE collection! I even built my own lightbox!

I proudly present:

China Glaze Cirque Du Soleil Worlds Away

Swatches here

Swatches here

Swatches here
This is pretty exciting for me! And turns out I love swatching!

I'm gonna break this into a few posts.
Part 1 - Glitters
Part 3 - Red/Pinks

Please feel free to leave any questions/comments! I would love to hear from you!

The Lazy 15!...Day 5 Galaxy Nails

The Lazy 15! ...... Day 5 Galaxy Nails...

This is actually my first attempt at Galaxy Nails...

I started out with Orly Space Cadet and then sponged on some white and blue. To finish it off I pretty much cheated and put star glitter on it! I don't think it turned out that bad...

Please feel free to comment or leave any questions I would love to hear what you have to say....

Sunday, November 11, 2012

The Lazy 15!...Water Marble

Sorry for not posting this on Friday I forgot to publish it, whoops! So here is my water marble for The Lazy 15!..Ha it's an old fail attempt...Still counts!

Here are my two failed attempts at water marbling...not only did this take me an absorbent amount of time and wasted polish, the most I successfully marbled were two nails...

This one didn't turned out too bad but I could not get more than one good one....