Craft Corner

I decided to make a separate section for my craft creations instead of posting them in my nail section.
I mostly just decorate birdhouses and other things. I also make my own cards. 

Please feel free to leave any comments or send me any messages. I will answer all of them.

So without much further ado I show you my creations:

First up is a Halloween birdhouse that I decorated for my aunt. She loved it and I think it turned out really nice. I painted the birdhouse Halloween colors and then hot glued foam stickers on it. The ghost and bats are actually glued to twisty tie wires.

Next up are my Beach theme birdhouses. These turned out pretty awesome, I was super proud of myself. I really liked the touch of sand on the roof. 

I found these really cute mini birdhouses at Michaels for $1. Needless to say I bought a lot....

And this was one I decorated for my friend's birthday so she could hang it on her Christmas tree.

Wooden PAC Man coasters I made.

I really wanted to make something with my leftover seashells from my birdhouses. I found this cool Martini cup at Michaels, they also have it JoAnnn Fabrics. I decided to layer the bottom with sand and then put the seashells on top. I also made my own custom umbrella because they did not have one big enough!

This is my cute little kitten, Miss Beans, showcasing the cute little girly bow tie I made for her....she did not appreciate it and chewed it off...

Birdhouse Ornaments
I bought these at Michaels for $1. I handed these out to my family as holiday gifts!

This is for my "special" cousin, she really loves The Little Mermaid


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    1. Thank you! I cannot wait for Christmas to be over so I can post all my Christmas houses! I can't post them yet otherwise everyone would know what they're gonna look like and its a surprise!

  2. Go ahead... post them. I won't tell anyone.