Thursday, November 8, 2012

China Glaze Cirque DuSoleil Worlds Away 3D Colleciton

Here it is. A Brand new collection coming out from China Glaze.

Introducing Cirque DeSoleil Worlds Away 3D Collection!

This new collection sure does peak my interest. Here are the bottles up close, just so you can see how different they really are!
Hanging In The Balance
Whirled Away
Running In Circles
Igniting Love
Surreal Appeal

Creative Fantasy

Get Carried Away
It's  A Trap-eze!

Bends Over Backwards
Escaping Reality

Def Defying

Water You Waiting For 

Sorry the pictures are in such a random order, I'm not really sure how to post pictures that well yet...

Which colors do you like the best? Are these on your "must have" list? I'm definitely going to pick up a few...or the collection, now that I have a blog I am justified in buying all these just to swatch them LOL!...which I just did...swatches soon!

I order most of my china glaze from, they have the cheapest prices around. The shipping is pretty decent. These are going for $3.25 a bottle on their website.

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