Friday, February 22, 2013

Polish Zone

I'm almost finished with my polish zone. 

I made four foam board racks, each holds about 120 polishes, and I finally hung them on the wall!

So now I can sit at my own polish desk and do my nails while still watching tv woo!

One "leg" of the desk is a cubical which is awesome because it's the perfect place to storage all my polish stuff.

I'm probably going to hang the mini cubical right next to the bigger one for extra storage. Plus I can make foam shelves for it and storage more polish on.

If anyone was curious I bought my desk at Ikea, well the top and the two legs. The cubical is from Target and it happened to be the perfect height!

1 comment:

  1. man, that's awesome. once i get a house i plan on doing something similar. j ust don't have the room at my apartment right now