Thursday, February 14, 2013

Dandy Nails

Today I have on an Anti-Valentine's Day mani...

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I have wanted Cashmere Night ForEver! It's an amazing purple matte woo it's gorgeous!!

Bottle Shot of Cashmere Night

As you can see it's a matte finish, my favorite!

Noticed the deep purple with blue flecks, it has pink flecks too I couldn't quite capture.
This is after I added some hand lotion, it really brings out the blue and pink flecks,  but it doesn't show the matte.

I really love Cashmere Night. I also bought a boat load of other Dandy Nails polish as well.
I really wanted a design on this so I decided to stamp with Moonglow over the top.
Moonglow is a nice holo shimmer silver.

Bottle Shot of Moonglow

This is with Orly Tough Cookie as a base, two coats Cashmere Night and Moonglow stamped
I think it turn out really nice. 

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