Monday, December 3, 2012

CVS Clearance Event

So there have been a lot of talk about the CVS clearance event lately. Apparently it happens twice a year. Who knew! Well I read it the other day and totally forgot, probably for the best, but then I saw a post today and went out.

So I managed to score 10 Milani polishes at $1.39 a piece! And to sweeten the deal I had an extra $3 extra care bucks from when I bought my Spoiled nail polish bucket!
Left to Right: Red Sparkle, Purple Gleam, Blue Flash (small glitter), Blue Flash (big glitter), Silver Dazzle
I'm not sure why both of these blues were named blue flash, one clearly has small glitter while the other has big glitter...
and at $1.40 I couldn't say no to either LOL

Left to Right: Hi-Res, Digital, Hi-Tech, HD, 3D
I went back and found some Revlon Top Speed on clearance...
Left to right: Cloudy, Royal, Grape, Espresso, Black Star

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