Sunday, December 16, 2012

Indie Review: Chirality Nail Polish

Hey guys! Today I'm going to be reviewing an awesome Indie brand: Chirality Nail Polish
Chirality on facebook
Chirality's cigcartel store

I was drooling over these polishes for months...patiently waiting for Black Friday. When she announced she would have an even bigger sale if she got to 600 likes, I was all over that. So when she hit that mark and said her sale started at 12am est, I was even more excited because that was at 11pm cst! LOL so I had my order placed before 11:30!

I was SO delighted by the next day when I got an email saying it was shipped! Three days later they arrived in the mail...I almost cried when I opened my mailbox, yeah I know a little extreme. I took them out of the package and I saw this festive tape on bubble wrap! And when I unwrapped them they had the cutest little ribbons !!

From Left to Right; The Symbiote, Cu2+, Neptunus, Apollonia, Audrey III, Katydid

So the first thing I did was try to replicate those amazing Mani I saw that made my mind up to buy all these polishes.
It's from Thing I Love At this Moment and here the links to her Chirality Mani

Her's was better, I don't have long enough nails, but I LOVE these colors together.

Right now I am currently obsessed with drip manicures. They always turn out good no matter how you screw it up!

This is Apollonia with China Glaze I'm Not Lion drips.
Amazing Right!!
Well I thought how could I make this even better....DUH! Katydid with Symbiote drips!!

I'm sorry This is the better picture but Blogger keeps rotating it for some reason UGH!

So to sum it up. These polishes are awesome. The customer service is great, super fast shipping and she loves to see you mani's on her facebook page! These polishes are incredibly gorgeous for the price, $7 a bottle,  most holo colors start out at $10. Not only are these gorgeous, they dry super fast! To me that is definitely important, if you can dry by the time I get to my next hand without smudging best thing ever! You definitely don't need a top coat because they are shiny without it, but the top coat adds a nice shine and doesn't dull them at all.

Hope you enjoyed my review! Feel free to leave any comments or questions!


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